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    Customized executive apparel for
    the boardroom and beyond.
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    Sophisticated yet comfortable,
    the Dardis dress shirt
    looks great and will last a lifetime.
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    Execuwear: Your brand at it's best.
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About Execuwear

Business Essentials for the Boardroom & Beyond

What is your company brand and image worth? We know you've worked hard to establish your brand in a competitive marketplace. Quality fabric, good selections and a competitive price are hard to come by when it comes to corporate wear. Partnering with Execuwear is a smart and unique way to ensure that your people are always delivering a positive and professional first impression.

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10 Reasons to Partner with Dardis
  • Brand Awareness

    Create a positive and lasting first impression.

    Reason #1

    Professional Image

    People form an impression within 7 seconds of meeting.

    Reason #2
  • Be Remembered

    Put your name at the tip of their tongue.

    Reason #3

    Conversation Starter

    Corporate wear always sparks a discussion.

    Reason #4
  • Corporate Gift

    Use your corporate wear as a nice gift/token of appreciation.

    Reason #5

    Develop Tradeshow Branding

    Skip the candy and go professional instead!

    Reason #6
  • Change Your Company or Product Name

    Keep everyone informed about changes in your company.

    Reason #7

    Motivate Employees

    Help grow a healthy and positive work environment.

    Reason #8
  • Promote New Facilities

    Show your company’s growth and success!

    Reason #9

    New Business Discussions

    Stimulate interest about your business.

    Reason #10