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Q:  What is Execuwear?

A:  Execuwear specializes in executive corporate apparel.  We help you represent your brand at its best.  We believe there is a big need for better fabric and options when it comes to corporate apparel.  Our solution:  apparel that is more professional, higher quality and offered at a great price.

Q:  What is the company culture like?

A:  We are a family owned business with homegrown values.  We genuinely care about the people we work with as well as our wonderful customers.  We make a habit of surrounding ourselves with people that love to work hard but also have fun!  We are passionate about our success, and we do whatever it takes to surpass our goals.  We are customer focused, sincere, trustworthy and genuine.  Our people have high integrity, self-discipline and are willing to go the extra mile.

Q:  How do I create a web store for my company?

A:  Submit a request here and one of our representatives will be in touch with you to build your company's brand store.

Q:  Do you offer quantity discounts?

A:  Yes.  See the price breakdown by individual product below:

Dress Shirts:

25+ units:  15% discount = $72.25 /shirt
50+ units:  20% discount = $68.00/shirt
250+ units:  25% discount = $63.75/shirt


25+ units:  15% discount = $42.50/polo
50+ units:  20% discount = $40.00/polo
250+ units:  25% discount = $37.50/polo

Sweaters & Sweater Vests:

25+ units:  15% discount = $59.50/sweater
50+ units:  20% discount = $56.00/sweater
250+ units:  25% discount = $52.50/sweater

Note:  $7.00 embroidery charge is automatically included in shirt pricing on site.  


Q:  What size should I order?

A:  Our size charts are available and include measuring instructions.  If you are unsure about size, please take your measurements. 


Q:  I just placed my order.  When will it ship?

A:  We offer USPS Flat Rate shipping on our orders.  Embroidered products typically take 2-3 weeks to be received.  You can log in to your account and track your package with the tracking number provided once your order has shipped. 


Q:  Do you have any retail stores?

A:  No.  Execuwear apparel is sold and distributed exclusively by independent representatives throughout the United States. 


Q:  Who can sell Execuwear apparel?

A:  Only certified and fully-trained Dardis representatives are able to market and sell Dardis apparel.  We take professional training and development very seriously.  In fact, our sister company, Dardis Communications, has been training Fortune 500 executives for over a decade.  We're able to take this knowledge and expertise and provide tools to our representatives.  In turn, our clients benefit from a highly educated and trusted advisor.  This is a huge differentiator and competitive edge for Execuwear.