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Sizes for men's clothes are fairly standardized.  Our dress shirts are sized by the neck and sleeve measurement.  This sizing system exists so that customers do not have to rely on general men's dress shirt sizes (small, medium, large, etc.) and can instead purchase a dress shirt that separately fits the neck, arm and body.  Here's how to determine your dress shirt size and find the perfect fit:

Neck Measurement:

To measure yourself:  Measure a shirt with a collar that fits you well.  Open the shirt and lay the collar flat.  Measure from the center of the collar button to the far end of the button hole.  The measurement in inches is your collar size.  Alternatively, measure around the base of your neck, inserting a finger between the tape and your neck to allow for comfort.  Take the measurement to the nearest half inch increment.

Directions for someone else to measure you:  To determine neck size, place the tape measure at the back of the neck and bring it around to a point under the Adam's Apple.  This should be a smooth or "skin" measurement with no slack or give allowed.  After taking the measurement, add one half inch for ease and comfort allowance.  

Sleeve Measurement:

To take the sleeve measurement, hold your arm so that it is bent 90 degrees and your hand rests on your hip.  With the help from a friend, begin measuring at the middle point of the back, directly on the spine at the base of the neck.  Move across the top of the shoulder to the point where the arm and shoulder meet.  Continue pulling the tape measure down the arm and around, over the elbow.  Pull the tape measure to just below the wrist bone and read the measurement.  Our shirts come in graduates of 2 inches (32/33, 34/35, 36/37, 38/39.) 


If you need to convert your dress shirt size from general sizing (small, medium, large, etc.) to neck and sleeve measurements, see below to find your comparable size:

Small:  Neck: 15   Sleeve: (32/33)
Medium:  Neck: 15.5 - 16   Sleeve: (34/35)
Large:  Neck: 16.5 - 17   Sleeve: (34/35) or (36/37) depending on arm length
X-Large:  Neck: 17.5 - 18   Sleeve: (36/37) or (38/39) depending on arm length
XX-Large:  Neck: 18.5 - 19   Sleeve: (36/37)
XXX-Large:  Neck: 20   Sleeve: (38/39)